Building a Bridge That Creates a Path From Disconnection To Home

What does “home” mean to you? For most of us it means safety, security, family and community. For families arriving as refugees, they’ve fled home because it was no longer a place of safety. This leaves them disconnected from extended family, comforts of cultural norms and their broader community. Many refugees arrive in the Phoenix area with only the support of the Resettlement Agency workers. Lack of support from the broader community compounds struggles with adjusting to cultural, economic, linguistic, educational, emotional, and occupational realities of life in their new country.

Through the vision of Matthew House, we hope to bridge these divides, and create opportunities for housing, language, educational support and relationship connections that enable refugee and immigrant families to imagine a future for themselves and truly make their new community “home.”

The Mission: We exist to bridge divides between refugee and immigrant families and the
communities to which they come. Matthew House provides a bridge via housing solutions,
language and tutoring programs and cultural mentorship that create opportunities for families to
cross from a place of disconnection to home. We believe when refugee and immigrant families
engage and join their communities, everyone thrives.

Through tutoring, life-skill coaching, English-language classes, and financial support, we at Matthew House seek to provide opportunities to help our immigrant and refugee neighbors engage and connect with their communities. Each service provided is used intentionally to equip and further empower those assimilating to a new culture. In a sense, Matthew House becomes the link which fills the gap between the families and their communities creating opportunities for not only the communities to better assist refugee and immigrant families, but for the families to engage and share their skills and gifts with their new neighborhoods as well.

Our Story

How We Got Started

In 2016, we had the opportunity to welcome neighbors who fled the war in Syria to the East Valley. We experienced with our new friends the challenges of life in the United States for those who don’t speak the language or share the same culture. Recurring issues included cost of housing, the complexities of paperwork for non-English speakers and educational challenges for students. These experiences coupled with the recognition that most refugees don’t have a support network to help navigate these challenges prompted us to dream about a different path. Our goal is to create housing options with nearby support systems that bridge these gaps and truly connect families to the future they desire.

Where We Are Now

The year 2020 will go down in the history books in many ways. For Matthew House, it was the impetus to action. We began the steps of creating a nonprofit organization that would address the housing challenges and support gaps facing refugees and asylum seekers in the Phoenix area and provide a bridge for Resettlement Agencies to settle families in the East Valley. We are establishing East Valley housing options for families arriving fall 2021 and beyond. Join us in helping these families find a home in our community!

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Are you ready to make a tangible impact in your community? Beyond words, we are a team that puts “loving your neighbor” into action! We’re looking for someone just like you to join us in our mission of bridging divides and creating opportunity. Find out how you can get involved today!

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Common Questions

Who does Matthew House help?

Matthew House serves the refugees and immigrants populations of the East Valley in Arizona.

Can I give financially?

Yes! Click here to give financially toward Matthew House and the work we are doing in the community.

Can anyone volunteer?

Yes! There are many opportunities for you to get involved. If your heart is in line with our mission, we’ll find a great fit for you on our team.

If I know a family in need, can I refer them to you?

Please contact us here if you know of a family who could use the support of Matthew House, whether they are a refugee or immigrants.