Bridging Divides. Creating Opportunity.

Imagine fleeing home, leaving family and community, experiencing fear and despair and then being offered a better future. This is the hope that prompts many refugee and immigrant families to say yes to coming to America. They often arrive to substandard housing in impoverished communities and lack of ongoing support. Fear and isolation rather than comfort and hope are common experiences for these families.

Providing a sense of community and home through housing subsidies in the East Valley, we come alongside these families to create a place where resources and relationships intersect to form connections. We hope to bridge the divides that leave many on the outside, disconnected from their new community due to lack of affordable housing, language barriers and cultural skills to navigate life in the U.S. By providing support in these areas, Matthew House provides the tools many refugee and immigrant families need to thrive…a place they can call home and people who move from neighbors to family.


Refugee children often arrive with interrupted schooling, literacy issues in native language, and are placed in classrooms by age versus ability. One-on-one tutoring enables students to build appropriate math and English language foundations that increase chances of High School graduation.

Will begin again Fall 2022

Adult Language Learning

Leveled language instruction with bi-annual assessment focuses on helping adult language learners develop the communication (both written and oral) needed to engage with their community and achieve personal and professional goals.

Tues & Thur Mornings for Women
Tues & Thur Evenings for Families

Welcome Teams

Without assistance, assimilating to an entirely new culture can be daunting. Our welcome teams provide mentorships and life-skill coaching for those acclimating to a new culture as they learn U.S. systems and processes. Our goal is to lead individuals and families to true self-sufficiency.

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The Challenge Ahead

So many people are affected by a deep disconnection from the community. Refugee and Immigrant families often struggle with everyday parts of life-cultural, economic, linguistic, educational, emotional, and occupational. The outcome, if not addressed, could affect the family for generations. Can you imagine a daily life with limited opportunities, lower income, disenfranchised behaviors, and ongoing emotional and social disconnection? We cannot either. So, join us in bridging divides and creating opportunity.